YA Movie Review Archive 2.0

I decided I disliked the last version and decided to start from scratch. I wanted something simpler to update, and something where newest reviews could be on top, as they’d likely be the most relevant. Now this page will list the name of the film, a one-sentence review and whether you should buy, rent, or skip seeing it. A link to the original review will be provided when available.

As before, I do not try to see every YA-oriented movie out there, but do try to see as much of the genre pics as I can and interest/time allow.

The Maze Runner – Great visuals, can be fun escapism. The weak source material definitely peeks through though, so don’t think too hard about. – Rent

The Giver  – Art design is fantastic, and the film is fairly faithful to the book, but it can’t overcome the huge stumble that is the new ending. – Rent

Divergent – A movie that manages to be almost a complete slog despite gutting almost anything that wasn’t related to Four or Tris. – Skip

Vampire Academy – One of the most literal film adaptations of a YA novel in ages, it’s light and fun and only hindered by miscasting of Dmitri which highlights how wrong that relationship is – Rent

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – One of the best book-to-film adaptations in years, with the writers doing a fantastic job of tightening up a story that felt rather flabby and redundant in the book. – Buy

The Mortal Instrument: City of Bones – A boring and completely derivative mess, made worse by an apparent gutting of the book’s plot – Skip

Beautiful Creatures – Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson can’t chew enough scenery to save this confusing mess of a film that manages to obliterate any tension in the plot by revealing the villain only a third of the way through. – Skip




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