My ARC To-Read List

In order to help keep myself organized, and to get a sense of what I’ll be looking at in the future, here’s a list of ARCs I have in my to-read pile. I used to keep the rest of my TBR pile on here, but since I pretty much only pay attention to this for the ARCs, I’ve decided to reduce it to the ARCs for ease of housekeeping. Feel free to check out my Goodreads shelf for what else I’ll be looking at in the future…eventually šŸ™‚


Magruder’s Curiosity Cabinet [June 1]
Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge [June 7]
In the Shadow of Gods [June 21]

Breath of Earth [August 23]

4 thoughts on “My ARC To-Read List

  1. I tried this when I first started out, but I decide on what to read next FAR too erratically to stick to a definite list :/

    • Really, the main part that I try and follow are the ARCs. I’ve been skipping around a LOT on the other books lately, trying to read books that mix things up as I go along.

      • Yea, it’s pretty much only ARCs I stick to. And even then, it’s never in an order I decide definitively x_x

      • I actually am good about that. I skipped around a bit for the review going up on Monday, but I figured that was a book I knew I was interested in so it’d make a good test of whether I was still burned out.

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