#TVDChicago Mini-Update

Hello! I am alive! I even got two books read this week, so go me!

Anyway, the reason I’m posting something on a not-Friday is that I wanted to provide some updated thoughts to this review of Creation’s Vampire Diaries Convention. While I do think the bulk of the post remains relevant, there are some things I want to touch on and I thought a new post would be cleaner than cluttering up the old one.

First off, in a February 2016 update to the original post I recommend against signing-up at con for the next tour stop for reasons you can see there. Between what we’re seeing (Creation now announcing that this will be the last TVD Con in all cities except Chicago and New Jersey) and what the rumor mill is saying (that the two cons next year are the last stops ever) with the source of the rumor being someone in a position to know, it throws this whole “should I or shouldn’t I?” debate for a loop.

If your reason for going is strictly guests and you want to see new people, I’d say that advice still stands. Otherwise, if you want to go because there’s a good chance that it’ll be the last time you can, absolutely sign up. Personally, I didn’t expect to renew because I did find the line-up to be a bit of a bummer. That said, despite that and despite the fact that I don’t even really watch TVD anymore, I still had an absolute blast and so I signed up for 2017 for that reason. When it doubt, just open yourself up to making your mind at the convention itself and see how you feel.

Second, in my 2015 review I called the panels PG-PG-13. This year’s con was much more PG-13 (or, if you go by MPAA guidelines for swearing, R rated). The actors remained cognizant that there were kids around, but there was more swearing and more innuendo than there’s been in the past. Some of the guests were also definitely drinking at the convention. While always lucid, there was no hiding what they were doing either. I know my friends pretty much found it hysterical, but I can also see how some would find it offensive and it’s something to keep in mind if you’re bringing the kiddies around.

On the plus side, I suppose one of the nice things about having fewer guests is that for Chicago at least, the only double panel was Ian and Paul. I don’t think we really were hurt for it either, though having so many guests were double panels are necessary is a problem I kind of wish we’d had.

Finally, I do want to give a heads up about the concert: in 2015, it lasted until about midnight. This year, it didn’t quite last until 11:00. Some are saying that the hotel told them to end it early. I’m not quite sure what to believe (especially since karaoke went past 11:00 the night before) and I do hope it’s something fixed for upcoming shows, such as starting earlier if necessary. The concert is free for Gold and Silver, but knowing it may be short is something to keep in mind if you were considering paying the $30 as Copper or GA.

Personally, I think this is the most fun I’ve had at any of the shows, and I wrote a more personally-focused piece on that here and for all my quibbles, I really am glad I went back.

Long, long story short: if you’ve ever thought about going to any of their shows, just do it. It’s definitely something you should try at least once.


How to Convention – EyeCon Edition

5/12/17 – Hey everyone! I just want to make an amendment to this old post of mine. When I wrote this initial post I’d say I’d very cautiously recommend this con. Now I’d say go into this convention with a bit of a Buyer Beware. Between the OTH con where they charged $200+ for the best seats for a concert…only for the fans in the cheap seats get invited to join those who paid for the best seats on the floor (and no, those who paid full price didn’t get a partial refund) or the difficulty in getting refunds for cancelled guests, it’s clear that not a lot has cha nged. There’s one incident, however that pushed me over into writing this update: it’s called Genesis.

At some point EyeCon introduced a convention called Genesis. It purposed to be a 90210/Gossip Girls/Gilmore Girls event. They had less than 100 people sign up for tickets so they did the honorable thing and cancelled the event. The less honorable thing? Look at the relevant portion of the cancellation announcement below:

For those 100+ attendees, we apologize and ask you for your understanding. Full refunds are available upon request, you wont have to fight to get a full refund. Were happy to do it. For those of you willing to transfer to one of our other events, you may simply request the transfer to the show of your choice. For now, we have our nearly sold-out event for One Tree Hill in May and Autumn is organizing the first ever North American Greys Anatomy themed event for which we will have information very soon. Any attendee who chooses to transfer to another event will receive a free gift (that wont be available to anyone else) as our token of appreciation. Please forward any and all requests to eyecongenesis@gmail.com . Refund requests will be honored within 14 business days.

Hey! They’re giving refunds! What’s so bad about that? You have to ask. When an event is cancelled, refunds should be automatic. Period. Exclamation Mark. Beyond that, this whole “refund requests will be honored within 14 business days” bit? The convention was cancelled in February. I know someone who as of the writing of this post was still waiting for her refund and now was having to get her bank involved to try and get her money back. They’re so happy to refund your money, amirite? Just be careful, okay? It’s now clear their problems are long term and deep-seated. There are so many good convention companies out there, it’s just hard to recommend one with so many continued problems.

Now back to my original review 🙂

Hey everyone! No new book review today, I’ve been on a bit of a dry spell when it comes to reading for about the past week and a half or so. Things will pick up again as they always do, but in the mean time I decided to do a post about part of the reason there’s no review today: the past several days I’ve been in Atlanta, Georgia for the #TVDLastRide, EyeCon’s final Vampire Diaries convention.

If it’s the last convention, why am I writing a review ? Because EyeCon as a company is still very much around and kicking. Currently there are two One Tree Hill conventions on the docket, and they’re looking to expand into other shows which means they’ll be around for some time to come. I found myself wishing I could have found more information about the company before I made the commitment especially given how expensive this convention is and thought that others might appreciate having it as well.

I’ve been going to cons off and on for almost twenty years now, and one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned that the con’s management is vital: you make your own fun, but a well-run con gives you the solid bones needed to let you have fun. I’ve done enough of these to have a good sense of what works and what doesn’t. My primary comparison will remain Creation because that is the niche that these conventions are in and Creation does remain the big player in the market.

This post is mainly going to focus on how the convention is run and if the various add-ons are worth your money. Hopefully by the end you’ll know what to expect and where I’d suggest spending the extra money on if money is indeed a concern.

Let’s get started. And yeah. This is easily my longest such post I’ve ever written. Be warned.

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