Contact and Review Policy


Thank you for wanting to reach out to me! I can be reached in a couple of ways:

First and best is always to go ahead and e-mail me!. If that doesn’t work for you, why not try Twitter? I can be found @gilded_lady. And of course, you can always leave me a comment here.

And now for the good stuff:

Like most bookworms, I am always looking for something new to read. If you think that I might be a good fit for your book, please do contact me and I’ll see what we can do. I do like print ARCs, though I will happily accept ARCs formatted for Kindle (.mobi). Now that I am a tablet owner, I can accept books formatted for Nook, but Kindle is my electronic version of choice.

What I Read:

I’ve always been a fantasy buff, it’s been at the heart of my reading habits dating all the way back to junior high back in the early 90s and it seemed like a logical genre to focus my blog around. And to that end, nowadays I really do try to keep to that. I am okay with tenuous connections to fantasy, however. For example, I will look at pieces that could also be considered horror or paranormal romance, so just because it isn’t the most traditional definition of one of fantasy’s numerous sub-genres doesn’t mean I won’t dismiss it outright, so it’s always worth reaching out to me.

In terms of what’s most likely to grab me: as my log line indicates, I like things that are different. To whit, some of my favorite books include Son of the Morning, The Waking Engine, The Goblin Emperor, Vicious, Kusiel’s Legacy, City of Stairs and the Coldfire Trilogy. I don’t need the wheel reinvented, but the more you try and play outside the line, the more you’re going to grab me.

Favorite subgenres of mine include historical, epic and paranormal. I’m also a fan of books not afraid to play with religion and angels and demons that hew closer to their mythological sources as opposed to the pretty boys found in paranormal romance.

As far as age ranges go, though my blog has traditionally been evenly split between young adult and adult, as I go along, I find myself drifting away from young adult. I’ll never be done with the genre as a whole, but it takes a hell of a lot more to impress me. Whereas I’m still content to occasionally read adult fantasy that does the classics well, when it comes to YA I’m really only interested in the titles that break the mold, books that could be considered adult if it weren’t for that 17 year old protagonist, books where time isn’t wasted on romance instead of the pressing matter that sent our heroine on the quest. You get the idea. Lots of people love the tropes that come with genre YA and I just…don’t.

What’s I Don’t Read:

There’s little (outside of contemporary and romance) that I won’t at least occasionally glance at, but since I’ve narrowed the focus of my blog, I’m probably not the audience for your book if your book doesn’t fit the criteria above.

How I judge a book:

  • World Building – Does the world make sense with an internal logic and set of rules that can any reader can discern or does it feel like the author is making up the rules on the fly? It it fleshed out or does it feel half-baked, of secondary importance to the author? Does it feel unique?
  • Characters – Do the characters have personalities, likes and dislikes? Do they have both good traits and legitimate flaws? Am I emotionally invested in them?
  • Plot – Does the plot make sense within the world that it is situated in? Does it function without relying on deus ex machina or other conveniences? Is it ambitious?
  • Technical Merit – What stylistic choices were made, do those choices help or hinder the reader’s enjoyment of the book and so forth. It’s not a focus of mine, but I will mention it if I find the prose particularly lovely or if I struggle to enjoy the book because there are issues that just can’t be ignored.

As much as possible, I will avoid posting spoilers and I never attack authors. That said, I do believe in honesty. If I love your book, I’ll sing its praises. If I dislike your book, I’ll point out the reasons why. And if a book just isn’t working for me I’ll likely send you a note thanking you and stating I’m decline to review at this time. If you found my blog through a search engine, I do encourage you took at both my “buy it” and “skip it” reviews to get a feel for both the good and the bad so you know what you’re getting into. If you want someone that will only post praise, please keep looking because I am not your gal.

Where and When I Post Reviews:

I post reviews here, and put a short version and link to the review here up on Good Reads. Want me to post elsewhere? Just say the word. If you need it as of a certain day, just ask. I can probably accommodate you, within reason. I’m currently aiming for 2-3 times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Still want to give a go? Huzzah! Please e-mail me! and we’ll get started.

Thank you,


(And that Original Billith? I’m a bit of a TV vampire nut. Original refers to the Original Family on The Vampire Diaries/The Originals and Billith refers to Bill Compton from True Blood after drinking the blood of the vampire/demon Lilith. The more you know!)

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