Bookcase.Club April 2016 Review

Hey all,

Since this review is actually meant to be timely, I thought I’d post it (and going forward other non-book review posts) on a Wednesday! I’m posting this today because I have some additional thoughts on the BookCase Club that I wanted to put out there about the service itself. For the record, the books I received were “Shattering the Ley” and “The Word Exchange.” I have some interest in the former, and DNFed the latter back when it was out as a DRC.

  • Shipping was much faster this month. It shipped on the first and arrived on the fifth. I’m going to assume that this would be closer to the norm and last months was delayed due to weather.
  • I think they either need to do an overhaul on the card or jettison it all together. As it stands, this is difficult to read, looks amateurish and provides the subscriber no real useful information. As I said last month, I’d love for this card to be used to have the “expert curator” provide a few words on why they chose this book instead of simply copy and pasting the abbreviated synopsis. Even if you don’t, at least go grab something like GIMP and some free fonts and modernize it. It feels like a project I’d do in High School…and I’m the class of 1999.20160405_164645-1.jpg


  • The website is a bear to use. Although told that you don’t need to select a subscription option to change the category of your box, you can’t save your changes without picking a category. After last month’s box, I tried to update my theme to the paranormal romance box. My account shows that I did…but I still got the fantasy box. I suspect it has to do with the fact that I immediately cancelled my subscription after making the change so that I wouldn’t have to remember to cancel down the road. I’ve e-mailed the company to see if they can at least ensure that my final box is what I asked for.
  • The genre tally this month was essentially two more sci-fi novels (some do label it as urban fantasy, but 2-1 have it shelved as science fiction). That makes 4 science fiction books in two months. This is supposed to be science-fiction/fantasy. Where’s the fantasy?! The disparity is very disappointing to me, and if you’re more a fantasy than a sci-fi fan, keep it in mind if you’re considering this box.

As I stated, I did cancel my box because I don’t think this box is a right fit for me. It may still be worth checking out to you, but right now I’d say just go on Book Outlet and buy yourself two books a month instead. It’ll set you back about the same and you’ll have two books you know you want!


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