Odds and Ends


In some ways, this blog seems to have lasted a bit longer than average, I suppose burn out is kind of unavoidable. On the other hand, burnout makes me sad because reading (well, non-academic/work-related reading) should be, above all, fun and lately I just wasn’t having any. Outside of The Crown’s Game (which I definitely recommend you go pre-order if you haven’t already) ARCs just haven’t been doing it for me lately. So to that end, I think I’m going to really pull back on those, and not just grab them because I can and I’m going to reduce posting to once a week, aiming for Friday’s, I think.

In other news, I’ve been putting even more time into Digimon Cyberstories and have some further impressions of the game:

  • There are some randomly included anime cutscenes that make me go 1) where are these the first twenty hours and 2) can I just have more of them? More would have really elevated the presentation, as it is they feel incredibly random and almost distracting because they’re so infrequent.
  • The depth of the Digi-volution/De-digivolution system is really quite deep, but also easily exploitable.
  • The game doesn’t get hard, it gets cheap – think spamming attacks to raise Speed to the point that you can’t even get a hit in. Thankfully, as far as I can tell, the worst offenders are all optional. Sadly, they’re also the only way to unlock the ability to obtain some of the most powerful forms in the game, which is a disappointment. Thankfully, you shouldn’t need them to actually beat the game (you can, in fact, beat the game without doing them.)
  • The free DLC is nice, though definitely aimed at end game layers. Casual fans not apply, because the majority of those cases are those cheap bosses I mentioned above.

All told, my main recommendation stands – it’s a good game to pick up only if you’re into classic JRPGs (it wouldn’t be my first recommendation for a newbie and certainly won’t convert fans of Western style) – but I am a bit more impressed with the game than I was when I initially wrote my review, so there is that šŸ™‚

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