New Page – Alex Verus Capsule Reviews!

So when I sat down to write my review of Hidden, I realized that I was starting to struggle with what to write. When I really thought about it, I realized one thing:

By book five, most reviewers are preaching to the choir.

I would imagine that most readers make up their mind in the first book or two as to whether or not the want to continue on. I’d say the vast majority have it all settled in three books and there are maybe a few stragglers who take four or more, so by that fifth book? Yeah. You’re pretty much talking to fans who have already decided that they’re in this for the long haul which means that either:

a) they stick with the series through to the end.
b) they get bored and/or rage quit if the series seemingly jumps the shark.

A person who is in it to the end probably isn’t looking at reviews at all. A person who is getting bored will probably go more by plot synopsis than reviews to determine whether they keep going and shark-jumping is more often in the eyes of a single reader and not the whole readership.

Of course, there are those who will get into a series in the middle – but that person who starts there probably isn’t blogs or Goodreads anyways, or else they’d realize that they weren’t picking up that first book. Maybe the review might help them, but it’s going to be a tiny majority.

So what’s the point of all this rambling?

I decided that from here on out, I’m no longer going to post full reviews of this series since it would only interest anyone on my list who is actually reading these books too.

Instead, I have published a new page of capsule reviews for each book, and my current ranking of the series as a whole. I do reserve the right to publish full reviews, but I’ll probably save that for a jump the shark moment (which I hope doesn’t happen) or the final book in the series as I’d probably want to look back on the series as a whole.

Either way, if you’re so inclined, please give the page a look!


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