Unpopular Opinions Book Tag (YA Edition)

I guess this was supposed to be for Halloween, but timing didn’t quite work out, so instead, I decided to give it a YA focus!  Anyway, thank you to Denise at Dandelionn Wine for the tag!

Let’s get started!

Popular Book or Series That You Didn’t Like


I thought about stealing Denise’s answer of Uprooted (I had many of the issues she did), but I refuse to cop out on one of these things that early, so I’m going to with The Dream Thieves instead. Now let’s be clear: I enjoyed the Raven Boys quite a bit. What it took me The Dream Thieves to realize is how much of my enjoyment really did stem from Blue and her family. When the point of view shifted, I realized that I was left with a bunch of trope-y, rich and broody YA guys that I cared not one whit for. The plot should have been more interesting than it actually was too as you can’t really call this books a character study. So, yeah. Dug The Raven Boys, but The Dream Thieves put an end to my interest in these books.

Popular Book or Series Everyone Else Seems to Hate But You Love


I really couldn’t think of anything off the top of my head to answer this question, so I decided to run down my ratings on Goodreads versus what the overall community said and this is about the closest thing that I was able to find. I gave it 5 stars, and the average on Good Reads is something like 3.48. In the real world, that’s a good number. In Good Reads land, where people seem to think that a 3 is evil, it’s kinda low. While I don’t think people hate it per se, it does seem to be very hit or miss book: you tend to love it, or find it an absolute slog and/or don’t finish it all. I still love it and am very looking forward to the sequel, but it’s one of those books that I think might have fared better had it been marketed as adult instead: it doesn’t really FEEL YA, despite being marketed as such.

OTP You Don’t Like


Alina/Mal. They are a couple that remain in love through out the books (even if they can’t be together) because the author says they should be. Mal is an absolute brat throughout the second book, and forever wants her to be the way she was not the women she became. Ultimately Alina/Mal remind me of Hermione/Ron in Harry/Potter: I don’t care that the author says that they’re meant to be together in the long term, I don’t buy it because they’re just such different people.

Popular Book Genre You Hardly Reach For


YA Contemporary

I almost picked this book for the first question, but realized that that was really unfair to the book: this book, and by extension the whole genre is just Not For Me. I don’t recognize the kids, I hate the tropes and I have just no interest in picking up books in this genre on my own. Are there ones out there that I might actually like? Probably. Does that mean I want to go seeking one out? Nope!

Popular or Beloved Character You Do Not Like


Celeana. She exists. She’s a little too damn good at everything she does. While I’m not going to hurl the dreaded Mary Sue label on her, she’s certainly walking on that path. I don’t get the fuss. Of course, I also think that she isn’t really all that different than most other YA fantasy heroines either, which leads me to be even more confused about why there’s so much love for her. I don’t hate her, but meh.

Popular Author You Can’t Seem to Get Into


Yep. I’m going there. As I indicated before, I don’t get the fuss about Celeana, ACOTAR didn’t grab my eye at all and I’m just not seeing whatever it was that helped elevate her to the immense popularity she currently has within the YA sphere.

Popular Book Trope You’re Tired of Seeing

18189606 cover65991-medium 1599574718041050

I picked a couple of titles to try and show that this is a thing across YA in general and not limited to any one part of YA: the absentee/scatter brained/neglectful parent. Yes, I know that parents having healthy relationships with theirs is oh-so-boring, but authors, they do actually exist, and iwth a bit of effort, I think you can even use such a dynamic to enrich your story. Far too often the trope is used as a means of letting the protagonist do whatever the heck s/he wants or needs to to without having to deal with the obstacles that having concerned parents brings. But those same obstacles can be opportunities to show off your characters creativity and I wish some would give that a chance.

Popular Series You Have No Interest in Reading

 23437156A Darker Shade final for Irene

Technically A Darker Shade of Magic is adult, but it’s got a huge crossover appeal, so that still counts, right? But basically I’m in the same boat on both series: authors who’ve written books I’ve love write super anticipated new series that just don’t work for me on one level or another, even though they are well written. I know, I’m going to get shunned from the blogging community for these picks, aren’t I?

Movie or TV Show Adaptation You Prefer More Than the Book

p186700_b_v9_ac p3563021_b_v7_ay

I thought this was going to be hard, but when I actually stopped to think about it, these popped into my mind instantly. Again, True Blood (Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries) isn’t exactly YA but pfft since The Vampire Diaries unquestionably is. Both shows borrow heavily from the books in early seasons and drift further and further apart as time goes on. I personally prefer the shift in focus that comes with the changes and while both shows definitely have issues, I think they take the source material to a better place overall.

So those are my unpopular opinions, what are yours? As usual, I don’t tag. If you want to do it, go for it!


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