Stacking the Shelves #11

Just realized that I haven’t done one of these in a while, and my updated shelves remind me that I definitely need to! So without further ado, here we go!



Seriously, how pretty is that cover? Romina has been sharing covers of the first book Zodiac and now this on Twitter and each is prettier than the last! If you’ll remember, Zodiac was one of my favorite books of 2014 as I loved it’s unique blend of sci-fi and fantasy. Apparently, I was one of the early reviews and she saw it on a really tough day and it made her feel better. That kind of feedback means the world to me, because I love making an author as happy as their books make me! Needless to say, this is up next now that it is mine!


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2016 ARCs are coming out fast and furious now. Black City Saint is set in Prohibition-era Chicago and promises dragons and other awesome fae-ish type beings. City of Light is futuristic fantasy with demons. The Relics of Gods is erotic urban fantasy. You know, considering how many times I’m seeing pubs tweet about urban fantasy being in decline, I seem to be finding the ones that are coming out. I’m just glad that the ones coming out all seem to have some unique vibes to them!

Kindle books purchased by me


I pretty much have been wanting to read this since I saw the film. I also wanted to give myself some distance from the film, as I find that consuming the same piece of media in different forms can for better or worse taint a version because comparison is inevitable. By the time I get around to reading it however, it should no longer be an issue. I’m looking forward to this, truly!

Finished copy provided by the publisher


Historical paranormal fantasy. Love that mix. I haven’t read the first, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to make heads or tails of it. But if I don’t, and I like what I’m seeing, I’ll go back and grab the first at some point! The other two I received unexpectedly from Penguin…when I thought I was getting Wandering Star. Still, I’m thrilled to see more YA steampunk and the covers of these books are gorgeous!!

Books purchased by me

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Silver in the Blood and Rift are being obtained through #booksfortrade. The first has magic and Society, a mix I always enjoy, the latter has dark magic fighters. Both are YA and both sounded like fun. The Spirit Rebellion is the sequel to The Spirit Thief, one of my favorite caper fantasies I’ve read this year. The remaining books I bought on Book Outlet recently during their recent sale. Everyday Life in Medieval Europe is in fact a history book talking about exactly what it says on the tin. I have heard that it’s somewhere between made for the lay person and for the academics. At the price though (less than $6) it was totally worth a look because I love the period.  Autumn Bones is the sequel to Dark Currents, the first in Jacqueline Carey’s Urban Fantasy series that I rather enjoyed. Finally we have Naamah’s Kiss. Again, I did just DNF the last of Imriel’s Trilogy, but these books are set several hundred years after the Kushiel Legacy sextet and feature all new characters with only the most tenuous connection to the first books (the main character is a descendant of Alais, a minor character from the first books). I’m hoping that the fresh cast and distance will make me fall back in love with that world again.

So…yeah. I need to get reading again 🙂 What’s new on your shelves? Anything good?


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