Marked (Soulseer Chronicles #1) – Sue Tingey



With no family and very few friends, Lucky’s psychic ability has always made her an outcast. The only person she can rely on is Kayla, the ghost girl who has been with her since she was born.

But Kayla is not all that she appears.

And when Lucky is visited by a demonic assassin with a message for her friend, she finds herself dragged into the Underlands – and the political fight for the daemon king’s throne.

Lucky, trapped in the daemon world, is determined to find her way home… until she finds herself caught between the charms of the Guardian Jamie, the charismatic Daemon of Death Jinx – and the lure of finding out who she really is.


Marked is a bit of fun paranormal fantasy (I hesitate to call it paranormal romance as it never quite gets there, though I’m certain later volumes will get closer) that is being marked as young adult. And while the main character seems to teeter on that edge, the story definitely fits squarely into the young adult niche: if you’ve read enough fantasy, you can eventually figure out who Lucky is…or at the very least if you’re like me, kick yourself for not figuring it out as you’ve ultimately seen this before.

In some ways, this story reminds me of Angelbound about a girl who gets dragged into politics of the underworld and (of course) ultimately has an ability that makes her special. I do think this is a slightly better version of that tale. The opening is stronger and the demons definitely feel more menacing. The Underlands have an old school vibe to them, though the excuse for the lack of technology (what good has technology really done anyway?) is preachy and given how it doesn’t actually contribute to the story as a whole could have been better off tossed.

The companions in this book are probably the best part. There are demon body guards named Mr. Kerfuffle and Mr. Shenanigans, a pet draken which I totally want one for myself, and of course Jinx and and Jamie. The latter two are very much your more typical good guy/bad guy tropes, but again, they all work. I do wish we saw more of the political maneuvering – it basically happens off stage, and I do wish there could have been some actual romance here as only at the very end does our heroine realize that hey these guys are hot, but the quibbles are minor.

This is a fun little book that fans of the genre should enjoy. If you like the genre and you like the description, I think you’ll be pleased.


A strong borrow it.

Available: Now


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