Stacking the Shelves: The Week of Epic Bookmail Edition

Back at the beginning of the month I got an e-mail from a publicist at Pyr asking if I was interested in reading Gold Throne in Shadow – the sequel to Sword of the Bright Lady which was one of my favorite books of 2014, so naturally I said yes. Fast forward a few days. I was checking on tracking status for a book I was getting through the #booksfortrade hashtag on Twitter when something caused me to check out my My UPS. The ARC I’d requested (my first not picked up at an event/traded for/won in a giveaway!) was indeed on its way and due Friday, but mystery boxes were also due Tuesday. And Wednesday. Then mail started to show up. In addition to those deliveries, two books I’d had out with #booksfortrade showed up on Wednesday and Thursday. I am kind of amazed, and still honestly wondering if this is a one off thing or the beginning of some kind of trend. If it is, awesome. If it it’s not, I’m okay with that too. It’s been an awesome week regardless.

I’ve never lied about why I blog: because I’m an avid reader and if blogging can help fill my reader so be it. But by that measure, I know I’m not the most typical book blogger. I don’t have a huge variety of posts. I don’t publish author interviews. I don’t do cover reveals. I’m weary of doing book tours because I like feeling that I can be honest (since let’s be real, blog tours are mostly meant to shine a positive light on things). It’s not typical, I don’t have large numbers and I have never really done much of any kind of reach out to publishers. I feel like I’m too small to, so instead I rely on the largess of Net Galley, Edelweiss and even occasionally Blogging for Books. I do okay on the first two sites. I may not get everything that I want, but I certainly get a good amount (probably owing that I tend to stick more to the adult side when requesting there, which is probably less competitive than the YA space) and have no complaints. Anyway, requesting through EW lead me to get on an e-mail list for some of Harper Voyager’s Impulse titles. Then I got a random book here and there – a few trade paperbacks and more recently hardcovers like the recently reviewed Zer0es. This month, however, it appears I landed on the Harper Teen list. And well, the picture tells the tale 🙂


So from top to bottom:

Summoning the Night – I posted about this a few Stacking the Shelves back. It finally showed up this week. Patience is a virtue 🙂

Gold Throne in Shadow – As I referenced above, it’s the sequel to Sword of the Bright Lady. If you haven’t read that one, I strongly suggest it if you like traditional fantasy. The twist is, our MC is an engineer from modern Arizona. We never quite figure out how he gets to the past (and the book is stronger for it), but really it’s a story about change and the havoc that it can wreak.

Court of Fives – The #booksfortrade book I referenced above. I’ve read some of Elliot’s adult titles, and I’m always intrigued when an author goes from adult to YA or vice versa. I’ll probably be picking this up next.

The remaining books are all courtesy of Epic Reads. Like I implied above, I was not expecting these which makes them that much the shinier.

Walk on Earth a Stranger – I was one of the few people that didn’t rave about The Girl and Fire and Thorns because people raved it was about body acceptance which I completely didn’t buy. Outside of that though, it was a solid little tale. This, however, sounds much more interesting and much more original – magic and Western combined. I’m really looking forward to giving this a look.

What we Saw – a contemporary title about social media, rape culture and the like. It sounds good, but not necessarily my niche. I may get around to looking at it, but it wouldn’t be a priority.

One – the other contemporary title of the bunch, about a pair of conjoined twins. I’m actually rather fascinated by the summary on this one and I think I might go for it when I’m looking for a break from fantasy.

Mirrored – reviewed by me yesterday, I wholeheartedly recommend this to YA fans, even if you aren’t a fan of fairy tale retellings.

The Unquiet – YA paranormal thriller with parallel universes. I am intrigued, and will be giving this a look, but a bit down the road.

And I was going to be done with this post! But then more books came since I first wrote this post. And hey, in for a penny, in for a pound…


A Crucible of Souls – provided by Harper. I reviewed this a few days back. I thought it was okay then, but in the like week plus that it’s been that I’ve read it, I’ve discovered it to be kindaaaaaa forgettable. I’m not going to change my initial review, but I’d definitely put this on the lower end of “borrow it” because I literally had to double check that I already posted the review.

Since You’ve Been Gone – gifted to me by my #otspsecretsister after I made a deal with @ReadWriteLove28 that I’d give YA contemporary a shot. I also promised I’d post it sometime in October.

Sound – The last Epic Reads release of September that I am aware of. YA sci-fi with a black lesbian scientist MC? Sweet. Totally jumping up towards the top of my TBR pile!

And since I’m here, I’ve also gotten my hands on eARCs thanks to pubs…

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The Gardella Vampire Chronicles 1-3 – the publishers put these out in preparation for the release of book number 4. I plan to sprinkle these in with other review books as I have time for them. Paranormal Romance is always good for a quick fun read.

Seven Black Diamonds (not shown; no cover yet) – Harper has already started its 2016 ARC campaign. It has faes. I’m game.