Stacking the Shelves #9

So every now and then I go “you know, I don’t think I’ve done a Stacking the Shelves post in a while” and when I check the dates, sure enough, it’s time for another one!Β  This is actually posting one month to the day of my last one. Hah πŸ˜€ Go me πŸ˜‰ This haul is predominately electronic so I think I’ll start with the two books that aren’t:

received in the August Novl Box

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So for those who don’t know, The Novl is the marketing arm for Little & Brown’s YA properties. One of the things they’re famous for is The Novl Box. Each month a different author(s) with an upcoming release get to curate a box of goodies that ten lucky people receive. My box also included a signed copy of Lair of Dreams (not shown since I’ve already reviewed it) as well as several goodies including everything from a t-shirt, to a tote bag, nail polish, candy and a signed letter detailing everything inside. It’s a great package and well worth taking the few minutes to enter each month. Follow @TheNovl on Twitter for updates and links if this interests you πŸ™‚ As for the books themselves, I’d been curious about reading The Diviners. I do plan on getting around to this, but perhaps not right away, as I’ve heard that some of the issues I’ve had with Lair of Dreams (notably the pacing and the ending that is all too easy to figure out on your own) are in fact present here as well, but I will get to it! Guardian of the Dead is a YA paranormal thriller that touches on Maori culture, which is definitely something I’ve not read before, I’m looking forward to getting into it!

eARCs provided by the publisher in exchange for review consideration

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Definitely a mixed bag this month. Nirvana is indie YA Dystopia. Newt’s Emerald is Garth Nix’s recent YA fantasy just now getting a US release, after its original release in 2013. This must be what it’s like for overseas people constantly waiting on books to make it over there! Pop Sonnets is exactly what it sounds like on the tin: someone attempting to turn modern pop into Shakespearean-style sonnets. Need is a YA thriller by Joelle Charbonneau. HerΒ The Testing series was kind of sorta an interesting take on the YA Dystopia trend if you didn’t think about the set-up too hard, I’m wondering if she handles a contemporary thriller any better. The Flux is the sequel toΒ Flex which has one of my favorite magic systems that I’ve come across in ages. It’s probably my most anticipated read of the five books listed here.

eBooks purchased by me

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Lovely little mix of books here. Taken is the third Alex Verus novel. I’m really digging this series right now, so when I finished Cursed I had to pick it up. Hollow World was received as part of a stretch goal for Michael Sullivan’s The Death of Dulgath Kickstarter campaign (shout-out here: this is easily one of the best run campaigns I’ve come across. Can’t wait to get the rest of my goodies!). Nice Dragons Finish Last is from the same author of The Legend of Eli Monpress as she takes a dip into the YA end of things. Updraft promises wings and magic I’ve not seen before and as it’s just come out will be next on my list. Finally, Kushiel’s Justice as I’ve had an itch to pick that series up again. I will totally be getting back to her Agent of Hel series too when I get the chance!

Phew! So many pages to read. So little time πŸ˜€

So what’s new on your shelves?

P.S. Happy Labor Day US peeps πŸ˜€