Curiosity Quills Serial Publishing and a quick DNF review of The Vampire Circus by Rod Kierkegaard, Jr.



Note: I normally put a book’s Goodreads synopsis here, but at almost 600 words and a full page in length it’s just too long for what I have planned to say. You can read it here if you so desire, but I hope going forward that he learns that less is more as this is less a tease and more the outline of the whole book.


I requested the first three parts of this novel for two reasons: the story did have me kind of intrigued and more importantly, I was curious to see how Curiosity Quills was handling the release of these serialized stories.

As far as the serial aspect goes,so far, I like what I see. In terms of pricing, it’s $1.99 per part which assuming it’s five parts keeps it within my personal preference of $10 for a full title and you get a novella’s worth of content for that money, which is inline of what I was expecting. The installments do end at good cliffhangers, which is nice to see. While I don’t know if I’ll ever be a fan of serial printing, I do feel like the publisher is handling it well, and I’d feel safe recommending them if you want to check out serialized novels, over say dipping your toes at Amazon where too many self-published titles charge you too much for too little story.

As for the story itself?


I’m going to chalk this up as not being my thing. Too many stories going on with characters I’m not necessarily caring for and I have immediate knee-jerk reaction to any STD resulting in vampirism (bacteria don’t work that way!) and the writing isn’t otherwise strong enough to make me over come it. There is probably an audience for this book (I’d say western fans maybe, as there’s a lot of that vibe going on) but I don’t think I’m it.

Verdict: Fan of how the publisher is putting out its serials, but the book itself is a DNF for me.

Available: First three parts are available now.


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