Blackwatch (Wintercraft #2) – Jenna Burtenshaw



Note: This book has not one, not two, but THREE different official descriptions floating around of it. None of them are entirely satisfactory. For the purpose of the review, I’m going to go ahead with the one printed on the back of my book as I feel it does the best job of explaining the plot.

Everyone wants Kate Winters, either to lock her up or to use her as the ultimate weapon. She is the one person gifted enough to walk freely through the veil between life and death, to work the magic held in the ancient book of Wintercraft. And she cannot control it. Hunted by the Blackwatch – the elite assassins of the enemy – and by her own people, Kate flees deep into the tunnels beneath the graveyeard city. And she’s still linked to the murderer and traitor Silas Dane. As the Blackwatch close in, Kate and Silas will face terrors that could destroy Albion. Only they can stop them. And time is running out.


Today I am continuing my tour of books that have been put on my shelves to kind of gather dust.In this case it was because it’s the sequel to a book I haven’t read. Sigh. Oh well, at least it only cost me like $2.40?

Anyway, this book does have some promise: the magic – a form of necromancy seems rather cool, though I wish I better understood what was going on. I picked up bits and bobs, but the author does new readers no favors.I wish she had though, because it does seem like something fresh: especially said necromancy seems to dip into the realms of divination and healing and other things we don’t normally see with this sort of magic. So points for that.

I also like that the book has a male protagonist and that he has absolutely no romantic interest in our heroine. Of course, that’s probably being a bit too generous because from what I can tell, the age gap is such that it’d probably be creepy. Still. I liked Silas well enough.

That’s about the only praise I can muster. The story is driven by plot, and the plot isn’t quite as interesting as the summary makes it out to be. The majority of the book is Kate and Silas being chased at the same time in two different places. The Blackwatch don’t come across as assassins but more like a privatized city guard. The terrors they face don’t really threaten Albion so much as the one who is hunting them does. Furthermore, the characters are thinly developed (if the book didn’t tell me Silas was meant to be a villain, I’d never have guessed) and ultimately this book is quite dull.

Overall, I found myself bored, nothing here was deep enough or compelling enough to draw me in. The idea had promise, but the execution left something to be desired.

Verdict: Skip It

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