Stacking the Shelves #7

Hey everyone! I don’t normally do these so close together, but I missed some on the last post and had some book mail and there was enough for another round, so here we are. By the by, if you’re a fan of historical romance, go check out my review of Mistress of Pleasure over on Good Reads. Anyway without further ado…

eARC from the publisher


AU where Paris has been destroyed, there’s magic, there are families fighting for power. All right up my alley.

Physical Books

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Reawakened – I got this through #booksfortrade, and I admit I kind of got it for unintentional laughs. Although I enjoyed Tiger’s Curse it’s premise was absolutely absurd and the author has taken heat for her handling of people of couple and not undeservedly so – the first few chapters of that book had an Italian stereotype that would make Mario wince. All that said I did have fun reading it and am hoping to get some fun out of this one too.

Clockwork Crown – The publisher sent me a copy of this in the mail. I enjoyed the first enough to read the short-shorty prequeal. I wasn’t going to go out of my way to read it, but since I do have it, I’ll totally give it a go.

Summoning the Night – The other book I’m getting through #booksfortrade. I rather enjoyed the first book in this series, so am hoping the second stays as good.


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I’ve hit up the under-$5 ebook sales and picked myself up some more urban fantasy. Hopefully they work out!

Anything new on your shelves?


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