Stacking the Shelves #6

Ahhh. That nice lead I had built up starting on my vacation in April has finally ran out. I have to admit, I kept up that buffer longer than I expected, so I suppose I can’t complain. Basically though, don’t be surprised if I started missing days. Anyway, since I haven’t anything new to post today (confession: what I’m reading doesn’t qualify for this page anyway. Probably not the smartest, but I’m entitled ;))

So let’s see what’s new on my bookshelf!

eARCs received from publisher

16060716 24388326 25255717

Lair of Dreams was a Read Now title that sounded interesting on Net Galley, but I just realized it is the second in a series. I’ll try giving it a look anyway – push comes to shove I may break down and get the first book. If I do that though, I obviously won’t be getting to this anytime soon. The Heart Goes Last I picked up basically because it’s Margaret Atwood. I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t read anything of hers before, but I’m interested to read this version of a dystopian society. And finally, A.F.E. Smith reached out to me about Darkhaven. I’ll probably take a look at this next 🙂

eBook purchased by me


So this was on sale a few weeks ago. I picked it up based off on an author recommendation. I’m embarrassed to admit I can’t remember which author made it. Oops. My bad.

Physical books purchased by me

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A Horrible Experience of Unbearable Length is the book that I’ve been reading that won’t get a review on this blog. The third (and presumably final) book of the Movies that Suck series by Roger Ebert, it’s something I have a personal fondness for which caused me to finally pick this up. I’ll do a true review on GoodReads when I finish it, so if you’re curious, keep an eye on that. As for To Hold the Bridge, I mainly picked this up out of a completion mindset. I absolutely LOVE the cover designs of this series and I just had to have it. On the plus side, there is the Abhorsen-related short story in there and the remaining short stories are actually new, as opposed to reprints of the previous collection. Look forward to getting to this.

So what’s new on your shelf. Anything good?


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