Stacking the Shelves: @PasadenalovesYA edition

There’s something about a book festival where it seems impossible to not come home with more books than you planned to. It’s magic! So most of the books in this post were picked up at the recent Pasadena Teen Book Festival. All told, it was run quite well, especially for a first time festival. Any complaints I had were minor, and the fact that it was seriously the most punctual festival I’ve ever been too – if the schedule said 2:30, it was 2:30. That’s kind of amazing, to be honest and they deserve serious props for that.

Anyway, on with the show:

The Signed Books

Signed Books

From the top to bottom: Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place, Midnight Thief, Illusions of Fate and Zodiac

I went to the festival so I could get Zodiac signed. It was a favorite of mine from last year, but I’d never managed to make her other appearances, so it was fantastic to finally get to meet her. Midnight Thief and Illusions of Fate I picked up because I’d been on the fence, but the opportunity to get something signed is always good motivation for me. Both are fairly traditional YA fantasy. The one that came out of the blue for me was Scandalous Sisterhood: a book about a group of girls at a boarding school who find their Headmistress dead. They don’t want to go home, so they bury her and try to continue on as they try to solver her murder. A slightly amoral black comedy mystery? Sounds right up my alley.

The ARCs


From top to bottom: Hunter, The Scorption Rules, Legacy of Kings and Illuminae

I read a lot of of Mercedes Lackey between 7th and 9th grade. Of all the authors I read though out middle and high school, I think she’s the one author I read that would have written YA had YA been a thing back then. Hunter is true YA and I’m curious to see how it pans out. The Scorpion Rules images old school exchange of hostages (i.e. they live as long as you don’t start a war) in a futuristic North America. Sounds like it could be a fun mix. Legacy of Kings is historical fantasy YA. As for Illuminae, I was so excited for it, I’ve already ready, and if you didn’t see my glowing review of it, scroll down and read it. It’s a must add for your TBR pile.

eARCs received


Veiled Empire is fantasy tinged with religion. I’ve been enjoying that quite a bit lately. I have tried picking it up and didn’t get too far into it, maybe I’ll try again in the next few weeks. Darkhaven came to me via author-request and I think I’d have tried to pick this up on my own otherwise. Shape-shifting and court politics in the same book? Count me in!

Finished Copy Received from the Publisher


I don’t normally read true sci-fi, but I may end up making an exception here. It’s a stunning cover and the premise – of basically the last of Earth’s days and the race to try get who they can into space, and their descendents down the road. We shall see 🙂

I have a enough to keep me busy for a while, how about you? 🙂


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