15 Question Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Book Meme

Gail Carriger posted this on her blog and I thought this looked like fun, so let’s get to it. 🙂

  1. What was the last sf/f/h book you finished reading? Knight’s Shadow by Sebastian de Castell
  2. What was the last sf/f/h book you did not finish reading? Uprooted by Naomi Novik. Something about our protagonist just wasn’t working for me and I couldn’t bring myself to get emotionally invested in it.
  3. What was the last sf/f/h book you read that you liked but most people didn’t? The closest thing I could find would have been The Waking Engine from 2014. I named it one of my top 10 of that year, but the things I loved: the literary style, the surrealness, the philosophical/religious debates are the exact kind of things that make the title have a very niche appeal, so I’m not surprised it’s sitting at a 3.14 on Goodreads right now.
  4. What was the last sf/f/h book you read that you disliked? As much as I hate admitting it since I took the meme from her blog, Prudence by Gail Carriger. It just felt stale.
  5. How long do your 1-sitting reading sessions usually last? Usually no more than 2-3 hours, tops. I’m not someone who can literally sit all day and read without moving.
  6. What are you currently reading? The Singular & Extraordinary Tale of Mirror & Goliath by Ishbelle Bee
  7. Do you like it so far? I just finished Knight’s Shadow last night [as of writing this post] and will be starting this next, so I can’t say 🙂
  8. How long ago did you buy the book you are currently reading? Received it as an eARC
  9. What was the last physical sf/f/h book you bought? The Originals: The Rise by Julie Plec. I bought in paperback as I was considering getting it signed at the TVD con I attended in April. Generally speaking, I only buy physical copies when I’m likely to get them signed.
  10. What is the sf/f/h sub-genre you like to read the most? Urban or epic fantasy that takes the tropes of the genre and does something fresh with them. Any book with a clever and well thought out magic system.
  11. What is the sf/f/h sub-genre you dislike the most and why? Grimdark. Violence (especially exploitative) against women is a hard limit of mine and is apt to make me put a book down. The last few times I’ve tried to look at the genre I’ve run into it so I rather just not go there.
  12. What is your favorite electronic reading device? My Kindle Paperwhite. I love it for its portability (I read on breaks at work and lunch almost every day) and the e-ink is easy on the eyes.
  13. What was the last sf/f/h eBook you bought? Owl and the Japanese Circus by Kristi Charish
  14. Do you read books exclusively in 1 format (physical/electronic)? No, but I’d say that I’m like 85/15 or 90/10 electronic to paper. I mostly read paper when I win something in a giveaway or receive an arc. As I said, I read a lot on the run and my Kindle is just that much more portable, plus I hate damaging books and traveling with them is a good way to do that.
  15. Do you read eBooks exclusively on a single device? Not quite. As much as possible I do read on my Kindle, but I do have a Samsung 7 for ARCs that I can’t read on my Kindle. For books I buy, however, I’m 100% Kindle.

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