Stacking the Shelves

Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving holiday, no matter how you spent it 🙂 This is a dangerous time of year because so many books go on sale – I think I have my want-to-read-but-do-not-own list under control, but we’ll see how good my impulse control really is. Last year, I stocked up like whoa and easily bought enough books to last me into Spring! Anyway, without further ado…

4643301currently reading; Kindle version purchased by me.

Imager is the beginning of a whole new fantasy in a whole new magical world from the bestselling creator of Recluce. Although Rhennthyl is the son of a leading wool merchant in L’Excelsis, the capital of Solidar, the most powerful nation on Terahnar, he has spent years becoming a journeyman artist and is skilled and diligent enough to be considered for the status of master artisan—in another two years. Then, in a single moment, his entire life is transformed when his master patron is killed in a flash fire, and Rhenn discovers he is an imager—one of the few in the entire world of Terahnar who can visualize things and make them real.

He must leave his family and join the Collegium of Imagisle.  Imagers live separately from the rest of society because of their abilities (they can do accidental magic even while asleep), and because they are both feared and vulnerable. In this new life, Rhenn discovers that all too many of the “truths” he knew were nothing of the sort. Every day brings a new threat to his life.  He makes a powerful enemy while righting a wrong, and begins to learn to do magic in secret. Imager is the innovative and enchanting opening of an involving new fantasy story.

Modesitt is one of those authors that has been around longer than I’ve been alive, yet somehow never quite managed to pick up any of his books. This caught my eye the other day and the sampler was good enough that I not only picked it up – but decided to keep reading it as well! I have to say I’m enjoying it so far. I’ll probably have a review up on Thursday or so.

22391592eARC provided by the publisher

The slaughter of the Spartan Three Hundred at Thermopylae, Greece 480 BCE—when King Leonidas tried to stop the Persian army with only his elite guard—is well known. But just what did King Xerxes do after he defeated the Greeks? Fifteen-year-old Thaleia is haunted by visions: roofs dripping blood, Athens burning. She tries to convince her best friend and all the villagers that she’s not crazy. The gods do speak to her. And the gods have plans for this girl. When Xerxes’ army of a million Persians marches straight to the mountain village Delphi to claim the Temple of Apollo’s treasures and sacred power, Thaleia’s gift may be her people’s last line of defense. Her destiny may be to save Greece…but is one girl strong enough to stop an entire army?

Okay, so this cover definitely falls into the pretty-ugly realm, but it’s certainly eye-catching isn’t it? What sold me on asking for it was the story. While Greek gods do often show up often enough in tales of gods in the modern day, you just don’t see too many stories set within Ancient Greece proper. Looking forward to giving it a read; and will do so as soon as I finish Imager.

B3z0uQCCQAAsVpEAll books in this image purchased by me.

That impulse control thing? I made my first purchase at Book Outlet. I’m not the kind who feels like I need to Buy All of the Books, but I decided to make this order count. I’m pretty happy with what I got, though I likely won’t be making another order soon – I just rarely have the patience to properly browse and I have an irrational dislike of websites that make you create an account just to add an item to a cart! It feels kinda underhanded to me. Anyway, the books in the image are:

17707700In this action-packed sequel to City of Dark Magic, we find musicologist Sarah Weston in Vienna in search of a cure for her friend Pollina, who is now gravely ill and who may not have much time left. Meanwhile, Nicolas Pertusato, in London in search of an ancient alchemical cure for the girl, discovers an old enemy is one step ahead of him. In Prague, Prince Max tries to unravel the strange reappearance of a long dead saint while being pursued by a seductive red-headed historian with dark motives of her own.

In the city of Beethoven, Mozart, and Freud, Sarah becomes the target in a deadly web of intrigue that involves a scientist on the run, stolen art, seductive pastries, a few surprises from long-dead alchemists, a distractingly attractive horseman who’s more than a little bloodthirsty, and a trail of secrets and lies. But nothing will be more dangerous than the brilliant and vindictive villain who seeks to bend time itself. Sarah must travel deep into an ancient mystery to save the people she loves.

I admit it. I more-or-less bought this because it’s the sequel to the very first review I ever published on this blog. I did enjoy the first book, I just never got around to picking this up. I think I paid like $3 for this, so it made it hard to resist.


In this omnibus edition of A Shadow in Summer and A Betrayal in Winter, the aggressively expansionist Galt empire has already conquered lands across a huge continent. But the cities of the Khaiem resist Galt’s power with the andat—creatures of magic with godlike powers.

Each andat is brought into being by a “poet” who must say the right words and exert the iron will needed to control gods. The industrialized Galt war machine is helpless against the powers of the andat…but political intrigue and deep treachery combine to shift the balance of power in a world of ancient empires and immortal magics.

One man, Otah Machi, stands at the crossroads of history in these imaginary world fantasies, the fulcrum around which the wheels of epic history rotate through achingly poignant cycles of life and death, love and betrayal.

Shadow and Betrayal marks Daniel Abraham as one of today’s most brilliantly original young fantasy writers.

Cool concept and a series that actively covers the entire life of a character – not just his early adult years? Sign me up.


Imagine an Age of Exploration full of alchemy, human dissection, sea monsters, betrayal, torture, religious controversy, and magic. In Europe, the magic is thin, but at the edge of the world, where the stars reach down close to the Earth, wonders abound. This drives the bravest explorers to the alluring Western Ocean. Christopher Sinclair is an alchemist who cares only about one thing: quintessence, a substance he believes will grant magical powers and immortality. And he has a ship.

Alternate history, alchemy, adventure and philosophy? Right up my alley.

And finally:


Eric Albright is leading a normal life until a small red door appears under a train bridge near his home. Then a ghostly being wakes him in the dead of night, with a message from another world: You are Shadow. In Levaal, the world between worlds, the dragon-gods grow restless in their sky prisons, and the Great Spirits struggle to contain them. Vous, the worlds Friend and Lord, simmers in madness as he schemes to join the ranks of gods. He and the Arch Mage have almost won their final victory over the Free Cities. A dark age dawns. But Eric and his friend Case are now Pilgrims, called to Levaal for a battle more ancient than the petty squabbles of men. And they will learn why some doors should not be opened …

Aside from City of Lost Dreams the books I bought were definitely a bit more “nichey” than most – and by that I mean books that will have their followers, but may not necessarily win over the general fantasy-reading public. Of those books, this book seems to be the most love-it-or-hate it. I’m interested in seeing where I fall on that spectrum.

So there we go! It’s funny, earlier this year my TBR list was about 20 and I had a slight panic attack of what if I run out? Now my list is closer to 50. Hehe. Oops? ^^;;


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