Burn Out is Burn Out is Burn Out (YA Edition)

If this were a regular post, I’d be posting a review of The Young Elites right about now.

This isn’t a regular post.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been inching towards burn out when it comes to Young Adult fiction  – and there’s been a definite overall decrease in how much I’ve been reading of late. I have definitely binged recently, because some of the books (Mortal Heart and Waistcoats and Weaponry) were books I’ve been waiting a year or so to read. And while I ultimately did enjoy those books, I’d been lying if I said I wasn’t getting the same enjoyment out of it that I once did.

I picked up The Young Elites partly because I was at a signing where Lu was at, and partly because of the raves of people who are into YA. I picked up this book next because I wanted to see if it might be a contender for my best of 2014 list. And as I was reading the book I had two distinct reactions to it: part of me recognized that this is a good YA book. Perhaps not the best I’ve ever read but it is good and fans of YA should enjoy it. But the rest of me just wasn’t enjoying it the way that I should be. And it wasn’t the book’s fault. I should have enjoyed this more, but ultimately the way I saw the genre started to color my reaction to books and that simply isn’t fair.

So to that end, I’ve made a decision to not post a review proper to to this book. I probably should have done this sooner, but it’s still better late than never.

I don’t plan to abandon Young Adult fantasy (and my tentative best of year end list even has three YA titles on it) all together, but I do plan to greatly reduce the amount I read going forward. This year I’ve been averaging 9-10 books a month. I’m going to try and limit myself to 1-2 books a month. If I read less, I know I’ll appreciate the ones I do read that much more 🙂 Sure, I can be objective, but ultimately I do this for fun, and if I have to force myself to finish books, and force myself to distance how I feel from what I’m reading, it’s no longer fun. It’s work. And I never want this to become work.

I suppose this post is as much a message to myself that it’s okay to let go of the genre as it is to you the reader. I just hope you  stick around with me 🙂



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