Stacking the Shelves

It’s that time again. You know, the one where you go “hey, I thought I told you to stop getting new books” and you reply to yourself with an “oops.” Let’s get to it.



So this is the one area where I’ve been rather good is when it comes to new eARCs. It’s been a little dry out there between big releases and I really am trying to be better about only grabbing the things that really pique my interest. YA historical fiction set in Revolutionary France with the chance to learn about Madame Tussaud? Yes, please.



Of the two, Tower Lord is the one I’m more excited about: the first book, Blood Song was one of my favorite books I read last year because I thought it had a novel twist on the usual epic fantasy and I loved the world that Ryan built up. I didn’t know much about The Descent Series, but it was free and recommended by Stacey O’Neal, whose The Shadow Prince novella I rather enjoyed earlier this year and whose book Mortal Enchantment I plan on getting around to at some point. You can’t really free.

Physical Books


Okay, so technically that isn’t the edition of Born to Exile that I have, but given that my copy is the 1980 edition, I suppose it gets a pass (it’s so old, there isn’t even a barcode on the back!). I picked this up for $0.15 + shipping after reading her short in Rogues. At that price, how could I not, especially given how much I enjoyed the new one? I picked up Benjamin Franklin on the 4th of July, at one of those book jobbers in the mall. The store was incredibly well done – so much so, it made me wish it were a true, traditional used book store instead. I wanted to purchase something to support it, and this is what I grabbed. I’ll read it when I need a break from fiction. Finally, I have Natural Born Angel. The third book is coming out at the end of August and I loved the first one, so this was a no-brainer. I have to say I prefer the original cover art, which is so similar it begs the question behind the need for change at all. But then, randomly changing perfectly good cover art mid-series seems to be a thing recently, especially amongst well-selling titles, so maybe it’s a good sign? Anyway. I’m totally going to read Natural Born Angel next, so fair warning. 🙂

You know, I thought I had been doing better…ah well.

On an unrelated note, the review that is posting tomorrow marks 65 and completion of my Good Reads challenge. Woohoo! Go me 🙂



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