Rogues #6 and #7

Title: Provenance
Author: David W. Ball
Genre: Thriller

Never let it be said that art history isn’t interesting. In this case, we’re talking the history of a piece by Caravaggio, David with the Head of Goliath. Both the history of the piece itself while the artist lived – a tale that neatly dovetails with corruption of the Church (a Borghese, no less) and the way the painting came to us in the modern age, through various wars and the hands of illicit art dealings. There’s a great little twist at the end that, while I didn’t guess it (I’m bad at that kind of thing) was decidedly set up so that the twist felt genuine and leaving a nice “HO SHIT” kind of moment.

It’s a great little piece that’s surprisingly action filled for a tale told mostly in narration. I enjoyed it immensely.

Grade: A

Title: Roaring Twenties
Author: Carrie Vaughn
Genre: Paranormal

Witches, in a speakeasy owned by a witch, frequented by supes like various species of weres, zombie employees and a siren singer. It’s as awesome as it sounds. The characters, M and Pauline are original for this short story (I think), but I’d absolutely love to see more about them. They’re a good team and they’re strong female characters. Vaughn has also nailed the vibe of the period. It’s fun, it’s got a ton of charm and atmosphere. It’s a winner. I might try checking out her other stuff if/when I have the time.

Grade A

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