Rogues #2 – What Would You Do? – Gillian Flynn

Title – What Would You Do?
Author – Gillian Flynn
Genre – Thriller

Two thrillers, two completely different tones. While the first possessed an almost caper-like quality, this tale has a great sense of dread creeping over it. It’s the tale of a sex worker-turned “pyschic” who in the course of trying conning money out of a client to “cleanse” her house finds out that in turn is being played. The question is, by who? The 15 year old son, who has been painted in a near sociopathic light by the mother, or the mother who (for reasons I won’t spoil) seems to have an agenda of her own? As is typical for Flynn, there are seemingly no heroes in this piece. Our protagonist flat out admits there’s no shame in her game – she’s doing what she does because she needs to survive. Period. That said, she does manage to become sympathetic, because while a rogue she herself is still human and her con isn’t necessarily even that “bad” as far as they go. We get no resolution, and that’s okay because it lets you draw your own conclusions about what you’ve just read. And in something like this, a tidy ending would have been a disservice.

Grade: A-

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