Stacking the Shelves

Hey everyone!

Since I’m actually taking some time with a book for once (combination of needing a day or two off from reading, a book that I’m enjoying quite a bit that also happens to work when read in short bursts, a book that is long and just time in general) and not zipping through it in a day or two, I thought I’d throw up a quickie post to say hey, I’m alive! And I have a new book in my possession!



So last night, I hit up the Story Crush tour. I admit, I found it kind of an odd combination. The other two books (Exile and Tease) are YA contemporary books about as far away from The One as you can get. There might be something like theme tying them together, but more likely they are trying to use Cass’ draw to help bring attention to the other two – the audience clearly was mostly there for Cass, and the move did seem to work because there were some who did pick up the other two books. I’m not into contemporary enough to have picked them up, but the authors did seem like cool people.

Anyway. as for The one? I admit it. I was reallllllly torn about this one. So much so, I spent yesterday dithering whether or not I wanted to make the trek to go to the signing. I’ve seen some people love The One and I’ve seen some people destroy it on the level I tore apart Allegiant. Clearly, I did decide to give a chance, but I will get to it in good time, as my list allows, I won’t be bumping anything else off my list for it 🙂

I also got my copy of Divas, Dames and Daredevils and my ARC of Vixens, Vamps and Vipers, a pair of books that looks at women in comics, focusing on the Golden Age, if I remember correctly. I can’t wait to start getting on those. I will read Divas, Dames and Daredevils first and the latter review will come out sometime closer to the actual publication date in September.

So enough about me, what did you pick up?


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