Stacking The Shelves

My first Stacking the Shelves post! I’ve never really thought of doing one of these in the past, but uh, I’ve gone kinda crazy since Christmas so figured why not? Everything in this post was ordered/received 12/25 or later. It’s technically a bit more than a week, but I figure it’s a great breaking off point for my first post 🙂

Print Copies

These first three books I received after winning a giveaway form A.C. Gaughen. Both Scarlett and The Lady Thief ARC are signed.



Also in the package was a handy tote bag and…


And, although I own a copy on Kindle, I also pre-ordered a copy of the paperback version of Vicious, because the author is coming to the downtown central branch of the LA Public Library to do a signing. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this. There are going to be a bunch of other authors there too, including Robin LaFevers, whose His Fair Assassins books almost made my Best of 2013 list.

ImageDigital Copies

Now is when things start getting a little bit crazy. I received $75 in Amazon gift cards between my Secret Santa at work and my parents. Add in a ton of sales at Amazon, plus a couple of new ARCs and you’ll see why I’m trying to put myself on a mini-buying ban until I catch back up again.

First up, the ARCs. I’m especially excited about the Queen of Tearling. It sounds amazing, and it marks the first approval I got from Edelweiss. That place is intimidating. lol. I’m going to try and be good and hold off on reading it since it doesn’t come out until June. I also need to get my hands on Archon, as I didn’t realize until around the time of approval that Covenant was actually a sequel.



And the rest, almost all of these were on sale. If I like the Melissa de la Cruz, I’ll pick one up in print form for the signing in February 🙂

incarnate-jodi-meadows_book 9781620401392_custom-7b685c3426b519eaa2745c21ff4462bdbc179f56-s6-c30 17398829 17557803


This was all the last 10 days since Christmas, guys! It also isn’t showing both Crewel and Unearthly which were both picked up right before Christmas. See why I need to put myself on a temporary book buying ban?

Creating this list was amusing/daunting/a kick in the ass to get myself into shape. I actually made myself a new shelf on my Good Reads so I start to knock them down 🙂

What are the newest addition to your shelves?


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