Digital Comic: The Vampire Diaries #4 – Through a Glass Darkly (1/1)


If this weren’t a digital comic, I might be throwing it against the wall right now. On the one hand, this is easily the best of the four comics that have been released to date. On the other hand, this is easily the least-Vampire Diaries related comic of the four. It honestly feels like the authors had a story they wanted to tell, and pitched to DC by giving it a Vampire Diaries wrapping.

The plot is as such: Elena and Damon are playing Hide and Go Seek in the Salvatore Boarding House when they discover a hidden room. Within in is the body of a girl, a diary, and a mirror. The story, as told through the diary, is that the girl was an innocent eventually killed by the people of Mystic Falls for well, being innocent. It’s a beautiful fable, but there is quite literally nothing about the story that makes it feels like it needed to be set in Mystic Falls. You could have set it in any small time (in a world with witches, granted) and it’d have worked just fine. The ending also would have worked better had the image been of Elena, or at least had we gotten a line of Damon-snark. Damon (and the likely readers of the title) are way too self-aware about Damon’s nature for the ending to have any legitimate emotional impact on the reader.

I will say that I love the art in this. They have moved away from the pseudo-realistic renderings of the first arc for a more light and airy style. There is no Uncanny Valley here and I’d be perfectly happy (and prefer) to grow to adjust to this artist renderings of the characters than go back.

I don’t even know what to do about this series at this point. Like I said, it’s a great little story with lovely art…it’s just not very TVD feeling.

At this point I am torn on whether or not to keep reading. I really do love this art and do hope it sticks around, though I suspect that it was just for this one-off issue. I’m leaning towards giving the series the next full plot arc to make my decision – I usually give a series 3 issues to decide; that’s anywhere from $10-$12 depending on cover price. I’ll probably give myself up to that max if I keep wanting to hang on.

This remains one of those series that you’re either going to like or hate and this issue doesn’t really change that. I’m going to stick with a Borrow It recommendation for now.


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