Digital Comic: The Vamprie Diaries – Vervain 3/3


Welp. The last third of the initial installment of The Vampire Diaries comic is complete. Has it won me over?


On the positive side, this issue is a huge improvement over the second issue; the plot gets wrapped up nicely and in a way that is both believably Salvatore (though I will wonder why they still let him go at the end of it all instead of just going the True Death route, maybe because of the younger fanbase?) and something we’ve seen happen in the show’s canon before so it makes sense. The banter between the brothers was also nice.

On the down side, the second issue fills like filler ever more now. The main thrust of the second issue – discovering Julian’s weakness – was mentioned in passing only. What was the point of going to the trouble of them learning it to not actually use it? I feel like there was a Chekov’s gun failure here. Additionally, Julian started sounding a wee bit like a James Bond super-villain towards the end. It was decidedly more cheesy than scary, even though the latter was clearly the intention.

Overall I just remain kind of meh on this title. It’s not awful, it’s not great. I’m sure that, like the True Blood comic, it needs to exist outside of the main canon, but at the same point in time the True Blood comic felt like it ran parallel to it rather well. This first issue only dealt with the Salvatore brothers; expanding the books out to the other characters will help me see the bigger picture, and whether this can manage that.

I will likely give the books one more arc. These things can take time to settle into their rhythm and I get that; but still my patience is not endless.

Verdict: See if a friend has a copy and browse it. Fans of the series (but not so much comics) may enjoy it better than fans of both the series and comics in general. At $0.99 its not a big investment to try; it’s not just a must have either.


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