#TheOriginals E102 – House of the Rising Son

Now this was the show that I was waiting for. This was the show that the original planted pilot promised when it first aired.

I knew that The Originals would get better, and it absolutely has.
When the spin-off was announced, I was looking for two main things: a more adult tone and a return to form for the Original family. I got both.

The adult tone is obvious and needs little explanation: though this was spun off from a show geared for teenagers, this feels like a show that (with some fleshing out of the backstory provided in the new pilot) you could show an adult vampire fan and that they’d legitimately get into. While it won’t be as violent nor can it be as sexy as True Blood, it’s about as legit as you’re going to get for a show on at a 8pm at a network.

The return to form may be less obvious: I’ve felt, for a while now, that the Original family had to be neutered both to keep them around and explain why Damon and his group weren’t dead ten times over. Why? Throughout the first half of season 2 of The Vampire Diaries they’re basically painted as being the Boogie Man or for a True Blood metaphor – the Authority. These were vampires that you did not want to be noticed by, because if they noticed you odds were good that you were going to meet the true death and it may or may not be all that quick and possible be self-inflicted depending on the mood they were in. I don’t think this feeling is unreasonable. Plec herself said that she meant to kill Klaus when she started writing Season 3, but the family became so popular, so quickly that she changed her mind. Further proof of this is that she’s hinted that they are going to retcon some canon from the past to make it more work for the show. To me, that’s just more proof that things went a bit off course.

That course though, has been corrected. Klaus was in true form here. Rebekah was wonderful too. She still has her compassion, but you can tell she’s no longer just meant to be the lovestruck sister. She’s fierce in her own right. This is the Rebekah that drained Damon in season 3 after he manipulated her. You felt the bonding between the two beginning anew, you felt the beginning of bonds between the Original family and Hayley (whom I am starting to love) and you got the sense that all hell is going to break loose in the Quarter.

I really, really hope that this show keeps up the pace. Because this is what’s going to keep the show on the air.

Grade: A


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