#WitchesofEastEnd Review

Almost done with Vicious 🙂 But in the mean, genre tv. Woohoo!

I added this show to my DVR mostly because EW had a piece about ‘which witch’ show to watch: watching The Originals was a given, and the theme and ads convinced me to give AHS: Coven a shot. Figured why not 3 for 3 and threw it on there.

I do not know how long it will stay there.

On the one hand, I get it: this is meant to be a soap opera, and not meant to be taken seriously. The problem is, I have too many problems with the show to just go with it. The CGI is cheesy. There is no logic in this show (I’m pretty sure that giving evidence to a civilian who you just happened to learn has studied witchcraft is illegal, and doing so to score a date makes the guy look kind of pathetic), the show is a bit too on the nose with lines like  “And this is the point where the normal girl discovers she has real powers!” (it hasn’t earned the right to try and be clever like that) and I suppose, worse of all…these witches seem kind of…fake. Or at least not scary. The promo for AHS: Coven with the girls walking in line in their heels gave off more a sense of power than anything on this show did.

Although witches are not vampires in the popularity sense, they’ve certainly hanging out on vampire shows – Season 4 of True Blood had a witch for a Big Bad and the witch Bonnie has been a central character of the Vampire Diaries since Day 1, and on that show witches have played an important part of solving various crises. Part of the premise of the Originals is that witches are dangerous enough that Marcel uses a witch to make sure that no witches are practicing magic in his city. Point is, we’ve seen witches (good and bad) around and these somehow don’t feel right to me. Maybe it’s the silly contacts. Maybe it’s face changing shape when the bad guy is doing spells, but it feels more silly than scary.

There are some good bits here: I do like Aunt Wendy and the premise of the show is kind of neat. But overall? This is lacking. I’ll give it another ep or two to see if it wins me over, but that’s it.

Grade C-

P.S. I know it’s  a soap opera and you’re supposed to turn off your brain, but before I’m willing to give you that (like I do for True Blood) you have to win me over first with writing or characters or SOMETHING and this show hasn’t done that yet. But TVD got infinitely better in episodes 2 and 3, so maybe this show will do the same.

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