Even though it’s just now October (and I have my eye on several books) I thought I’d start doing a preliminary glance through the books I’ve read to date and compile an early list of the best/worst books that I’ve read this year. While I was at it, I wanted to see if what I thought I was reading was what I actually thought I was reading. So I did what only an OCD Virgo would do: I tallied up my 50 books and here’s what I found. Note: I tried to keep the categories on the broad side so I didn’t have 5 million of them.

Of the 50 books I’ve read…

30 are considered “young adult.” That’s actually a lower amount than I thought; but recently I’ve skewed much more towards young adult lit.

29 are either “supernatural” (demons, vampires, angels, etc.) or “fantasy” (magic, epic, fairy tale, etc.). A complete non-surprise. I’ve always been a genre gal at heart. ๐Ÿ™‚

7 were some kind of historical fiction. Though small in number, I do love a well written period piece and most of the ones I read made me quite happy.

5 were some kind of Dystopian fantasy. This category was split almost evenly between adult and young adult and really covered the gamot – everything from post-apocalyptic to religious to steam punk. The overall number was low, but there is some good diversity here. I will definitely be reading Allegiant when it comes out.

3 were “fiction” in a lack of genre kind of sense. Yep. I never had read much straight up non-genre fic and probably never will. I will continue to dabble because there is some great stuff here (one of my almost certain best of the year falls in this category)

I also dabbled in Erotica and Sci-Fi, reading less than 5 books between them.

Overall..nothing too surprising, really. But still, the nerd in me is happy for the breakdown. I’m a curious gal ๐Ÿ™‚


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