Good Reads #49: Hex Hall

ImageAhhh. This was the kind of read I needed after Rampant. Light and frothy. The kind of book that’s easy to read in a day or two, that you enjoy while you’re reading it, but maybe don’t necessarily remember it a day or two after you finish it.

The premise of the book is fun enough: Hecate (Hex) Hall is basically a reform school for witches, shifters (both were and shape varieties) and fae who got into trouble in the human world and are sent to live/study there until they turn 18.

Like in Harry Potter, none of their classes are “traditional” in any means, focusing on history and classification of the “Prodigium” as they’re called. Unlike Harry Potter they don’t study magic because…? Except when it comes to the dance when the witches get to learn how to make their own dresses. Yeah. That part of the book has some problems for me.

Regardless the real focus on the book is the relationship between the protagonist Sophie and her classmates. She has a vampire for a roommate and when her roommate is being blamed for the murder/near murder of classmates she goes out and tries to figure out what’s really happening.

Ultimately it’s one of those books that the plot exists, it’s solid and even a little interesting, but you’re really reading it for the characters.  And if you pick up the book with that expectation in mind, you’ll probably enjoy it.

This is the first book in a series. Will I pick up other books in the series? Yeah, probably at some point when I don’t have anything else to read. It just wasn’t quite strong enough to make me want to go out and read them now and I suspect that for those who read a ton, it won’t be that compelling a read either.

Verdict: Borrow it


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