Good Reads #47: The Demon King


Mind is boggling that this is already book 47! I’d love for Allegiant to be #50, but I  already have a new book that I bought today (Rampant) and two library books at one (one I’ve already picked up, and one waiting to be picked up that was on hold). Hm… if I take my time with the library books I can still pick up Allegiant for #50. We shall see!

Anyway, as for this book? I picked it up because I didn’t want to bring my library book with me on my trip (you know, just in case something happens). It helped pass the time. That’s about all. Little happens, the book dangles intriguing prospects over you but does little with them; the protagonists are bland enough to not get fully invested.

There is just SO much good fantasy out there (more so adult, but in the YA sphere too) that I just can’t recommend this book.

Verdict: Skip it.



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