Dragon Con: Day 2 & A Night at the Georgia Aquarium

Agh. This con is driving me absolutely insane.

On the one hand, it’s original programming is fantastic. Today I sat in on relatively high-level (especially for a gen interest con) on both bitcoins and on the theory of comedy. They were great discussions. On the other hand, OMG the size of the con makes it impossible to actually DO anything at this con. Aside from these two cons, I did a free signing for the guys from Mythbusters and part of a third panel (it was so stuffy in the over-crowded room it was putting me to sleep). That’s ALL I did at the show itself.


I had had a full day of panels planned, but had already realized I wouldn’t be able to travel back and forth between the hotels in time. Instead, I picked a new panel (the comedy one) that I thought it might be easier to get to. It took me a FULL half-hour to get from one hotel to the other and I was going from main hotel to main hotel. It was an absolute nightmare. When I was filling out my schedule for tomorrow I deliberately kept it in one hotel so I could actually do more things. People complain about how people can’t see anything at SDCC. I can say with certainty I have seen way more there than I have here. One girl tried to convince me that this was part of the charm. I told her to go to a con like this at an actual convention center and get back to me on that. Seriously, the SD convention center may be huge but you can actually navigate it pretty damn easily (not counting the dealer’s hall). This is a nightmare and it GIVES me nightmares because if there is any kind of emergency, we’re all freaking dead. That’s how crowded it is.

The day was not a total loss though. I did get Adam and Jamie’s autographs (Mythbusters) fairly readily. They had some authors signing in the same room. One of them had a book described to me as being about “killer unicorns.” For $10 how could I not?

Like I said, the Bitcoin Panel was great and once I actually got to the Comedy panel it was rather enjoyable too. I wanted to do the M5 panel with Jamie and Adam, but it ran 5:30 – 6:30 and I was meeting up with my roomie to hit up the Night at the Aquarium instead. We were going to meet at six, but met up closer to 5:30 ish. It worked out well, because we hopped onto the very first shuttle and got inside the place rather quickly. The DJ was very enjoyable and there was some FANTASTIC cosplaying going including a Big Daddy and some Little Sisters. There was also a very funny Deadpool complete with snorkel and swimming trunks on. I’m glad we went tonight. The place was more enjoyable with the music and people watching and the drink. We’d been kinda disappoint had we gone during the day; we’ve been to better aquariums before.

Overall, I WANT to love this convention, but for every cool thing there is something so frustrating I want to scream. Say what you will about SDCC, but if you’re willing to put in your time camping you will see a tremendous amount of cool shit. And if you don’t want to camp, but are willing to go to the smaller panels, you’ll still see a ton of cool shit. Here, the crowding factor makes that nigh impossible.


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