Good Reads #41: Tiger’s Quest


I always find trilogies to be risky things: I tend to love the first books, and then the second book can be a major let down (c.f Catching Fire, which I loathed) while the third can sometimes be redemptive.

I didn’t hate this book, but I do think this book lost some of the magic that I thought Tiger’s Curse had.

On the one hand, the book starts with Kelsey adjusting to college life and dating guys. I kind of like it because it at least it shows her trying and not just going straight for the pure true love root. On the other hand, the dates go on too long and I think there is at least one too many. We didn’t need that awful date. It just felt like padding.

My other gripe with this book is that this part of the quest takes her characters to freaking Shangri-La. Shangri-La. Where can she possibly take the characters that won’t feel like a let down after?

I’m also iffy on the development with the relationship between Ren and Kelsey. I’m sure it’s plot related, but seems cliche.

It wasn’t a bad book, but it’s just after how promising the first was, this just felt like a let down.

Verdict: Borrow it.


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