Comic Catch Up! (Dream Thief #1, Dream Merchant #1)

So I figure I have probably six weeks of comics here. -hangs head in shame- I did, however find my copy of Nightwing #20 so now I’m confident that I have pulled out everything that I have bought since my last bing out for reading. This will be a short post (because I don’t want to OD) but I’m going to talk about two new series – one put out by Dark Horse comics called Dream Thief and one by Image called by Dream Merchant.  They sound like they might be in the same  vein, time to find out if they are.

Dream Thief – John Lincoln is an asshole. Period. After going bar hopping and cheating on his girlfriend, he tries to make nice by picking her up for lunch. After telling him that she’s being put on unpaid leave he freaks out on her because apparently he can’t get/keep a steady job he freaks out on her. She asks “why are you being so difficult” and his response is

“Because you keep a gun under your pillow, and we haven’t had sex in months. You freeze me out and say I’m being difficult? He broke into the house and stole some stuff. It’s not like he raped you!

No, but we find out later that she was tied up and he threatened to rape her, so I mean that still counts as traumatic in book. Oh, and then her friend Jenny chews him a) not only being a dick but b) bringing weed onto government property and his response is “Why is every woman in my life crazy?”

AGH. This guy is SUCH an asshole and we’re supposed to get behind him as a character? It gets better though. He steals a priceless Aborigines mask, blacks out and kills his girlfriend “because she deserves it” since through the mask he can see that she killed an innocent man in error because she thought he was the one that broke in. But pfft. Instead of understanding that it’s the trauma talking, he’s all no. She DESERVED to die because she’s a murderer.

The story goes on from there and the issue ends with him having wiped out a room of gay porn actors, but you know what? Fuck this comic. Fuck it hard. I don’t give a shit what kind of message the writers were trying to put out, but there is literally nothing redeemable in this character and to think that he’s supposed to be doling out some kind of justice or whatever is absurd and offensive.

The only positive I’ll give is to the cover which I rather like and the art inside is decent. But ugh. I just took a shower before reading this and feel like I need another.

On the bright side we have…

Dream Merchant #1 – This was more in line with something I might have expected from a comic with this title. Winslow is a little boy who has always had problems with his dreams; so much so that the outside world thinks he cannot distinguish between reality and the dream state and have him committed. While at the institution we meet Ziggy, his schizophrenic friend and Anne, who is basically the lunch lady. As time goes on his dreams only get more vivid and harder to escape from. Ultimately, he’s forced to flee the hospital as previously unseen figures start to chase him and he is rescued by a man calling himself Dream Merchant who promises to teach Winslow how to hide in his dreams for reasons yet unknown. The title is beautiful to look at and has a great quiet surrealistic feeling that you’d expect from a dream-like state. As an added bonus it’s a double sized issue and no ads making it a fantastic value. Easily worth a look.



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