Comic Catch Up!

I really want to get better about reading comics the week I actually purchase them, instead of accumulating a pile of at least a dozen first, but somehow that doesn’t seem to be happening. I guess I just like being between books too much to do so.

Batman #20 – The conclusion of the Clay Face tale. Haven’t been a fan of Scott Snyder’s filler issues, still not really a fan now. Snyder is at his best when he really has time to plot out a tale and take his time telling it. Granted, he’s such a strong writer that even his iffy stuff is still good, but I rather just get to the Zero Year to see where he goes with it. Also: the artwork in the B story really stands out against Greg Capullo’s, and not in the good way. Tynion is a good writer, but the art is so muddy and dark that I don’t even want to read it.

The Bounce – New indie title by Joe Casey and David Messina. I’m..not sure what to make of this and I’m not sure that I liked it enough to want to try and make heads or tails of it. We have a stoner who may or may not be a “costumed vigilante” that goes by the name of The Bounce after taking a hit of The Fog, there’s some kind of investigation of a murdered police chief  that also seems to tie to the hunt for the vigilantes and some kind of evil government scheme. It’s all really disjointed. Throw in some language that borders on gratuitous and I’m not feeling it. I’m dropping it from my pull list.

Lost Vegas #2 – The art work is still real stand out here, with bright colors and bold tones that really make you feel like you’re in a futuristic Los Vegas.The hero continues his quest to get off this prison ship. I was iffy, but positive on the first issue and this hasn’t really swayed my opinion much. It’ll probably be dropped from my pull list.

Nightwing 19 – Nightwing goes to Chicago to look up Tony Zucco in this post Death-of-the-Family issue. I like how he’s broke and I like how things go awry. I know I have issue 20 around here somewhere, I need to go find it.

Sex 3 – Unlike The Bounce, this is a title of Casey’s that I’m really enjoying. Simon is still trying to figure out where he fits into this new world – both from a business and a super hero point of view, there are all kinds of shady gangster dealings, and yes, there is sex and it is equal opportunity. Yes, there is a woman getting herself off with a vibrator, but you also see full frontal of one of the main male characters. This is an adult title and there is a lot of adult content (like The Big Bounce, the language is really salty and again borders on being gratuitous) but it’s worth a read if you can get around the rest.

More later 🙂


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