The DNF File: The Demonologist


This is another book that I picked up that had a ton of praise on it. Unlike The Painted Girls, I couldn’t make myself finish it. It was that boring. This a book that is a perfect example of how first impressions matter. This first impression was awful. The first chapter of the book the main character explains that he studies Milton, is an avid atheist and is “Melacholic.”

And gee. Who wants to bet that he’ll believe by the end of the book?

Also, he isn’t melancholic, he’s a robot. It feels like he’s a robot. I get that he’s going through the motions of life, but if he isn’t interested in what’s going on in his life, why should we be?

I set this book down on Thursday with the intention of finishing it because it was relatively short. I haven’t touched it since and for me, that’s the biggest sign to send it back to the library.

There is good horror out there. This isn’t it.


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