Comic Catch Up

Best of the Week:

Sex #2 – This is definitely an adult series and many will probably be turned off by the sex in the background, but for all that it’s called Sex, and for all the naked women (who actually have body hair, shock of shock) and all the depictions of sexual acts (the artist seems fond of cunnilingus) the story is still really about one guy’s journey of trying to reclaim his life after he stops being a hero and the obstacles in his way. If you can handle the adult content, I really do recommend finding a way to get your hands on this.

The Rest:

Batgirl #19 – A very close runner up for best of the week for me. Gail Simone does a fantastic job with James Jr. making him as scary a villain as any of the best of the Rogue’s Gallery without making him anything other than an unhinged human. It’s heartbreaking seeing what happens here with her family in general.

The only thing I was not sold on was the announcement by her roommate that she’s transgender. Although it was nicely low key, at the same point in time the way it was handled almost makes it feel like it was put in there to be there and won’t ever be brought up again. It’s the kind of announcement that even if you are supportive it does take time to internalize and that process isn’t always neat. I do hope that I’m wrong and that we’ll see that this wasn’t some kind of gimimck. Time will tell.

Batman #19 – Scott Snyder is a great writer, but even he can write issues are just kind of meh. With Year Zero starting in issue 21, this and the next issue are filler. And as a result, this kind of feels like filler. It’s not bad by any means (and it’s nice to see Clayface again) it’s just not particularly memorable either.

True Blood #11 –

  1. I love Michael McMillian for little touches like having Sarah Newlin writing a trashy romance novel about “Jackson Stackhold” doing it in a church with a heroine.
  2. Sam is creepy for not getting rid of Daphne’s skirt (he gives it to the new employee to wear).
  3. I hope we get to find out what Eric is up to in Tokyo.
  4. Still no signs of Bill.

The latter does make me question when in the timeline this is all occurring. I still suspect that we don’t see Bill because he’s not allowed to reveal what happened to him. That being said, it does make me question when in the time this is all occurring because clearly things had to have calmed down for Eric to go to Japan. It’s a minor point though.

Aside from that, I’m not sure how I’m feeling about the arc that’s being set up. There are a lot of fantastic elements in the series, but I don’t think they need to be in EVERY issue and it’s starting to feel like that’s where he’s leaning. Again, it’s probably due to being off season and them not wanting to spoil things. I do wish we could be following Eric instead because let’s be real: the show is popular for its vampires and aside from the initial arc they’ve been incredibly absent.

I trust Michael though and we’ll see where it goes.

The weak link:

Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #4 – Yeah. Given my feelings on the rest of the mini-series I don’t think this is much of a surprise. Maybe there’s just something about Star Trek that doesn’t translate well to comics, but this just didn’t do it for me.

I take that back, because I’ve figured out why: the entire existence of this series was filler. Since they wouldn’t want to alienate the 97% of the fan base that will never read this series, they couldn’t really write anything meaningful or of lasting impact. As a result there is no character development to speak of. Given that the best part of Star Trek are its characters, this is a very real problem indeed. This just ultimately kind of took up space. I’m happy to have supported the creators (you know their hands were tied with what they could do) and maybe now they can go and work on something bigger and better than this.


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