Comic Round Up!

Miss Fury

There is a cat-suited female (black leopard inspired, to be precise). She is wealthy. She likes to steal high end objects. Hmm…this is sounding familiar, isn’t it? To be fair, she isn’t only a Catwoman knock-off. There is also some kind of element about time travel and Nazi’s going on too. Too bad there is gratuitous T & A and that Miss Fury herself is unlikable. To whit: before she got her powers, she tired of the man that had been her guide. He was a total asshole to be sure, but the way she parted company? Tied him to a pole and left him to be devoured by hyena’s. Nice.


This one is coming off my pull list to be sure.

Batman: Detective Comics #19

This is an $8.00 issue. Plus side is that it’s almost 80 pages long and you’re getting nearly 4 issues for the price of three. Down side is…why exactly is this this long again? The man-bat story isn’t bad, but is a pure throw-away side story. Or rather, it’s 95% throwaway, but the tiny part that is relevant isn’t that important. You could remove the whole story and people wouldn’t miss it. The Bane story, which is meant to set up the Bane arc in Talon is good, but I’m not convinced it’s needed. I like Tynion’s writing and feel like he probably could have found away to get the really relevant information across in the main book if he needed to. The only story that really felt relevant was about Emperor Penguin and his ramped up plans to try and wrest control of Gotham because at least that ties back to the plotline that began to develop at the end of Death in the Family. All in all, it feels like these were stories they wanted to tell, but didn’t want to delay the main story by three months or so to tell it.

I picked it up because at Tynion hinted that anyone following Talon should at Wonder Con. I don’t mind that I did, but I think I’d preferred a smaller issue at a lower price instead. I’ve already taken this back off my pick list.

Nightwing 19

Not sure if the artist changed on this because he’s looking beyond rough in this. Not much else to say on this other than it was a good, solid issue. It dealt with Damian’s death well, had another interlude with the Dealer and set up the next arc. It’s exactly what I like to see out of a comic.

Talon #6

The Bane storyline, teased at Wondercon and started to have been set up in Detective 19 hasn’t yet started. There’s an interesting meeting here and the revelations within are interesting, I suppose. It’s clear this was meant to be a big shock ending and yet I didn’t feel surprised even though I didn’t call it either. More like, “Okay, I didn’t see that coming but considering how influential the Court is, I shouldn’t be surprised.” Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it. I’m looking forward to Bane.

Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #3

It still exists. I’ll finish it since there’s only one issue left, but I’d be lying if I said this series was anything other than forgettable.

Batgirl #18

Although a good issue overall, I don’t know how much it really needed to be called part of the Requiem issues – the issues dedicated to Damian’s death. The subject is barely broached at all. This fact isn’t necessarily a bad thing – it was a very good issue detailing the cat and mouse between Barbara and her brother and wrapping up the Firebug issue – it’s just the element where she found out about Damian’s death and seemingly nothing else almost made it feel out of place. To be fair, it wasn’t narrated by her but given the cover I’d expected more time spent on it.

“Star Wars Legacy #1

“She’s carrying on Han and Leia’s Legacy- and taking on the galaxy…SOLO”

Yes. That was cheesy. So bad. Wince-worthy even. But as the inside cover tells you, this takes place about 150 years after the original trilogy so no one knows who she is. It…exists. She seems to be set up as a character trying to get herself set up. There are hints of Sith intrigue and the like but honestly, this didn’t grab me. The fans of the extended verse will probably like it, casual fans can easily skip it. I only got this because there was a signing at my shop and I wanted a sketch from Hadman, because his sketches are awesomely detailed. Shallow but deal with it :p

And that’s it for now! Til next time 🙂


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