Good Reads #15: Trial of the Clone: An Interactive Adventure!

Title: Trial of the Clone: An Interactive Adventure!

Author: Zach Weinersmith

Where to buy it: Breadpig

I was surfing the Breadpig website (I’m waiting for this to come out; I missed the kickstarter to my eternal sadness) and stumbled across this book. It sounded like fun, so I gave it a shot because I loved these kind of books when I was younger, and still do. So one written geared towards adults?


Except this was kind a fail. The RP elements were a neat idea, but potchkey to deal with when actually sitting in bed reading (so later on I just ignored them) and worst the book felt like it was written for frat boys. The writing wasn’t awful, it just wasn’t geared at people like me.

Case in point. I flipped to a random page and there were as story paths where you, the character, has to decide if he wants to punch himself in the balls to drive away his lust to continue adventuring. If he doesn’t, he joins a village where it is implied he lives happily ever after in an endless orgy and the story ends with you losing. Only it says “you…lose?” because in a frat boy world that is like the best ending ever, right?

But yeah, I think that example above is the biggest reason I can’t recommend the book if you don’t like that kind of humor. You’ll spend more time cringing than wanting to press on.

I look forward to more trying the formula, but this one is a no-go for me.

Verdict: Don’t Bother.


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