Comics: Sex #1 (Take Two)


It would seem that Word Press ate my review of Sex #1 and it’s a pity, because I think it’s a comic that’s worth a look, if you’re open minded enough for it.

The basic set up of this comic is not unlike a side-story of Batman: Simon Cooke, a wealthy socialite and former super hero, has returned to Saturn City to take control of The Cooke Company. His lawyer/friend Warren has been covering up for him while he’s been gone. The issue takes its time to set up the situation and the characters. No major action goes down here, as it’s really about a man reconnecting with the former home.

The reason that Sex has gotten so much attention is that well, there is Sex. This is an adult title. When I got to the first sex scene my initial reaction was a lesbian sex show, really? But this is a title written by men with a majority male audience. As long as we get some heterosexual sex in there at some point, I’ll be fine with it. But after I finished reading it and I started to digest it all I realized several things:

1. The sex was well integrated into the plot. It doesn’t just happen and it doesn’t feel forced.

2. The sex scene actually served multiple purposes: Casey used the opportunity of the scene to build character development – despite the fact that Simon is there and nominally watching, he isn’t getting off on this. He’s not there for the cheap thrill. In fact, he’s so not paying attention to it that one of the women even remarks on his disinterest. Because he’s disinterested it gives the scene a feeling of distance, at least it did for me. And finally, the scene sets up the start of the next issue. This brings me to my final point…

3. This sex isn’t exploitative. The women don’t have G cups. The positions they’re put in are nature and don’t feature things like arching their backs out in unnatural ways to put their chest into our face, and honestly,  it feels like they’ve got more clothing on than many female characters in mainstream non-adult titles. This isn’t porn and for that I give huge props to both Casey for writing it that way, but especially to Kowalski for drawing it that way. The pair has found a really good tone here that lets them get the titillation in that they want but leaves me feeling so much less dirty than reading comics with fanservice from the Big Two.

At the end of the day I’m really intrigued here. I want to see where this is going and I’d hope that the industry would take note that you can have something more adult without devolving into pure porn. Hell, it proves you can have sexy women without devolving into the ridiculous proportions and questionable poses that the industry has become known for.

I picked this title up at the recommendation of my shop and honestly didn’t have huge hopes for it. I wound up being pleasantly surprised. If you get a chance to, pick it up. This is the type of title that we as comic fans should be encouraging.


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