Comics: Helheim #1, Lost Vegas #1, True Blood #10, Fairy Quest Outlaws #2

And here’s the rest of my pull list for the week…

Helheim #1 – Between Vikings and now this, it certainly seems like this time period is starting to come into style again, which I like. Unfortunately, unlike the show, this title doesn’t quite seem to grab me in the same way.

The set up seems simple enough: we start in media res as a group of warriors are fleeing from a demonic presence that has been threatening their villages. We pause briefly for one of them to even get a vision that he is not meant long for this world as he comes across his bloodied ghost. They make it back to their village and our doomed friend is reunited with his wife Brea, albeit briefly before they have to make a final desperate stand. By the end it’s clear that the protagonist [em]isn’t[/em] the men we meet, but Brea herself for reasons to be explained in later issues. It’s not a bad comic, but I don’t know that it’s necessarily doing anything new or different to make it stand out. I’ll probably remove this from my list.

Lost Vegas #1 – The final of the new titles this week. It’s a sci-fi inspired titled about a gentleman who finds himself in indentured servitude to the ship the Lost Vegas after being caught cheating at cards. Like all such systems, there is a technical way to pay off the debt but in reality you’re a slave to the aliens that run it. The art is bright and colorful (this is the same team that did Return of the Dapper Men), the characters seem interesting and the world itself seems alive and vibrant. Definitely worth continuing to check out.

True Blood #10 – Definite closure to the were story-line is good, though this issue went a bit into pure fantasy for my liking. Still no Bill.

Fairy Quest Outlaws #2 – This is definitely a character piece as the overarching plot is kind of trite and still feels like it needs fleshing out. The characterizations of Tinkerbell and the Witch from Hansel and Gretel are interesting though. I do love the art and I’ll probably stick it through the 5 issue (don’t quote me on that) run.


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