The Did Not Finish (DNF) File: The Tiger’s Wife

Not everything I pick up I finish. It kind of feels sad to not even remark about it because even books that I couldn’t finish bear commentary, even more so when it’s beautifully written, and certainly better written than some of the YA novels that I’ve made myself finish.

My biggest issue is that there seemed to be no point. The plot was barely even a skeleton and the main character not even that likeable. Her friend is traveling with her to see her grandfather, but her grandfather has died but she doesn’t even tell her. Like seriously? Her friend obviously has a relationship with him, but to be traveling and not say a word dick move. But really that’s besides the point. The point are the fables, the small stories about people that occupy this world. But for every one that is genuinely compelling there’s another that’s like “okay, and the point of this is?”

This books seems to be a bit divisive. There are people like me who the magic doesn’t work on, and those who absolutely fall in love with this book. It might be worth your look. I just hope that the author does something more traditional next time, I’d love to give the author another chance.


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