Comic Round Up

Look at me! Reading the same day that I picked them up! Go me 🙂 Short and sweet comments this time.

Batman 17 – Guh. So early in this issue my heart was in my throat and I thought the ending appropriate too. The title of the arc may not have been literal, but I think enough emotional damage was done that things will never be same for the Bat Family.

Batgirl 17 – A definite improvement over Batgirl 16. I like how she’s trying to move along, how she’s dealing with her brother. I’m not sure if I’m into the villain, but we’ll see how that plays out.

True Blood 9 – A bit of an iffy issue, it was mostly action. The art was a bit better and there was some decent art too. I’m ready for the new arc.

Fairy Question: Outlaws 1 (of 2) – An interesting twist on fairy tales, with Grimm the head of a thought police. I’ll definitely pick up the other half when it comes out!


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