The crowd parted before them as they moved towards a sadly under-utilized St. Andrew’s cross. Some eyed them with speculative interest, others were too focused on their messy blowjobs to notice anything else going on around them.

When they reached their destination, it was time to see just how good of a prize they’d picked for the evening.

“Remove everything but the mask.”

The girl nodded her head in eagerness ,but he could spot the slight trembling of her fingers. He wasn’t worried though, he could already begin to smell her arousal as well. Who knew how long that would remain.

She had a lovely body that thankfully wasn’t overly thin like far too many girls were fond of doing in this day and age. It had born a child once, and her chest was in well proportion to the rest of her body and blessedly natural. He was pleased.

He pushed the girl to her knees, facing Scarlett. “I am inclined to give you what you what. I am not so sure that your Mistress is. Beg her to be used. Beg her to whip you. The Master is for show. We are not.”

Eyes wide the girl began to babble. “Please Mistress. Please use me..” her pleading was incoherent. She was definitely a novice.


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