Comic Catch Up #1

Thanks to my recently re-discovered love of reading, I have been woefully neglectful of my comics. Seeing as how my to-read pile is probably approaching two-dozen issues, this cannot continue, especially because one of the things I can’t wait to pick up to read in February is the 2nd (and last) Rex Mundi omnibus. Therefore, I thought that before I get back to my non-graphic novels (which I have two on my nightstand to read: another Judge Dee novel and Mr. Penumbra’s 24 hour bookstore) I better get caught up on what I do have.  So I figure I’ll post little blurbs of what I’m reading in case anyone else here is a comic fan 🙂

Talon  #3 – Brief bit of background. Scott Snyder, current writer of the main Batman title, wrote The Court of Owls arc as the initial arc (1-12) of DC’s New 52 Batman title. It’s a fantastic read if you have any interest in Batman at all. You don’t need to read that to understand this, but you’ll appreciate it more if you do. This series is all about a Talon who used to work for the Court but is now fighting against them. It’s well written, well drawn and it’s got action but not over-the-top or too violent. Scott Snyder is a fantastic writer and this is another great series from him.

American Vampire #34 – And this is the series that helped bring Scott to the position he’s in now. A creator-owned title, this is Vampire as you probably remember the genre once being. The vampires are not pretty when they fang-out and it is violent. The twists on the mythology are interesting, the main characters day walk, but are weakest when the moon is full and there are different kinds of vampires too, depending on when and where they are from. It has some fantastic characters, the art is spectacular and the book moves through time with the characters. It’s also a perfect time to catch up on the series. Scott is taking a hiatus from the comic (I believe for a year though end notes say it’ll be a “short” one) to focus on other comics (in addition to the previously mentioned Batman and Talon he always writes Swamp Thing and will have a new mini-series coming out) but it will be coming back and it’ll be a welcome return.

True Blood Ongoing Series #6-8 – I was totally prepared to be cynical about this cycle of books. The 5th book was pretty slow and uninteresting, and to be fair I’ve never been a fan of were storylines on the show. But, McMillian gets all the points for actually writing an intriguing storyline about a Ghost pack while also managing to incorporate other characters like Arlene and Lala in a way that feels natural and organic. I’d complain about the absolute lack of Bill, but the ongoing series is clearly pulling from season 5 cannon (Alcide is with Riki and packmaster) so it’d be pretty hard for him to be around. The art is still pretty bad although a bit stronger than past issues. Even though I’m actually really looking forward to the next issue now, I still feel this series is for dedicated Trubies only. The art is going to turn off most people (comic fans or not) and the reliance on show canon for set-up and knowledge of main characters means it’s not the most newbie friendly series out there. If you do like the show and you can get past the art though, it’s worth a read. 

5 down. 14 to go!


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